Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farmer Saves $200K with POO Power

Growing up on the sprawling spread 90 minutes from Pittsburgh, Shawn Saylor a 36-year-old farmer has figured out a way to turn the poop from his cows into electricity. Wow! That sounds very interesting.
ROCKWOOD, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Four generations of Saylors have worked the family's dairy farm for nearly a century, but for the past three years, the cows have been doing something besides providing milk: They've been helping power the place. With the help of a mechanical scraper in the barn, manure drops into a 19,000-gallon tank. The slurry then moves into the digester, which is 16 feet deep and 70 feet in diameter. It's heated there for about 16 days while the bacteria break down the organic matter in order to produce methane gas. That gas is burned in two engine generators to make electricity.

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