Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Singapore F1 Season Video Contest & Singapore F1 Events

Have you ever thought about visiting Singapore? If you haven’t, you might start thinking about it now. You should enter the Singapore F1 Season Video Contest - "City of the Night" because you could win a Singapore Grand Prix experience in September. You could win if you submit an original video depicting how the Season is more than just a race. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Singapore. Singapore F1 Events Information will allow you to see all the other great events happening in Singapore. For instance, you might want to see Britto in Singapore which is Brazilians neo-pop artist. Romero Britto will be holding his first exhibition in Singapore for three weeks. He will be combining 60 works both indoor and outdoor. You also might want to enjoy the sound of IL DIVO which has some of the greatest voices in the world. They bring the sound of opera to the world of popular music and have sold over 22 million albums. They will be having a digital light show on their hi-tech stage. If you are looking for a great experience in Singapore, you are going to want to checkout this website and enter their contest today.


Clarissa said...

Meron ding F1 race dito--sa Suzuka nga lang(T_T) we can't make it there to watch F1 kasi super mahal ang ticket at malayo sa amin!!

Lulu said...

wow si goryo diay tag iya sa imong dias spot kay duha lagi imong F1.... mauna na jud ka kadatu naho ani! wahehehe

yep korek ka interim dayon ang tag!!!