Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phone Number Maths Trick

How would you like to know this trick? Come on....everybody can participate! It won't cost you!
  1. Using a calculator, key in the first three digits of your phone number (not the area code)
  2. Multiply by 80
  3. Add 1
  4. Multiply by 250
  5. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
  6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again
  7. Subtract 250
  8. Divide the answer by 2

Recognize the answer?...

Have a great weekend ahead everyone. Thanks for coming by.


  1. waaaaa...kinsa nag sulti sa imo ako phone number??? nyahahaha nice trick Dhemz...

  2. Wow bright mn diay ka nyora noh :P...

  3. woi..unsa mn na^ oi.. hahahah.. ang answer ky 28thou+, unsa mn to? hahahah.. ajo2x sa bakasyon Madam sis! muahh!

  4. Wala ko ka gets tsang, jologs jd hehehe nagkinamut ra mn gd ko walay calculator dri amo bukid oi, dala bana sa work. Wala ko kasabot sa result, lahi mn nga number ang result nasayop sgiuro to akoa.

    Anyways, happy camping campers, enjoy the weekend. looking forward for the pics hehe.

  5. weee, this is my number :D Cool!

  6. That's a good trick dhemz. I remember before when I was in high school nga mag-inanha me but in different ways. I like it though because it will enhance your "number power" diha. Ingat my friend and advance happy weekend.


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