Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Time to Eliminate Multiple Remotes

It can be quite a problem keeping track of so many remotes to control your Television, VCR, Stereo and the other devices? Yamaha has come out with a new device which will allow you to have all your remote control needs in one simple remote. The Yamaha neoHD is easy to use and can give you complete control. You can use this remotes to control your Blue-Ray player, your Game Console, and your HDTV. The neoHD WiFi Media Controller can allow you to enjoy all of your AV sources plus music streaming from your computer, and Internet Radio. They are also having a contest where you could win your very own Yamaha neoHD controller. You can Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes by Tweeting, “I just entered to win a #newHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit (blog.izea.com) to enter” or maybe you want to enter by commenting on their blog why you desperately need a new neoHD. Another way to enter is to visit blog.izea.com, and don’t forget checkout neoHD on Facebook. My mother never could figure out how to operate all of those remote controls. So what are you waiting for. You should checkout the newHD to experience the ease of use of only having one remote control.


Dubster said...

Kadaghan ba ninyo ug remote control nyora, kit an na ni jakoy ingon natu siya dayon whatat tana ehhehehehe dayon pindot sa channel or block or pinword pahkahilabtanon sa mga bata karon, whats with the remoet nga mura mn jd sila mabung kung dili ka hikap.

Arlyna said...

We have this problem too, too many remote controls to handle. Too much clutter - I really need a universal remote.