Monday, August 10, 2009

FREE Video Application for the Google Android Phone

The Google Android phone has been growing in popularity. They have many cool applications such as their GPS Driving application and their weather channel application. They have just come out with another application called AScinema. This application allows users to stream their video collection from the web to their phone. This is a big improvement because now you don’t have to store all of your videos on your phone. The Android Storage also gives you 1 Gigabytes so you can store your music video, file, and image storage to stream to your Android Phone. They have a couple of other applications that you might want to checkout such as their AStunes which allows you to play all of your uploaded music, and their Aspics app which allows you to display all your photo and image collections on your phone. They are coming out with some other applications shortly such as their ASdisk app which allows you to manage all types of files to and from your phone, and their AScamcorder app which records all of the video you like while it is being saved to your phone. So what are you waiting for? You should checkout the Android Phone today.

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Umma said...

hello sistah kong gwafa.. daghan na intawon ko na miss dito na chika.. sorry gid ha, super busy si lola sa akong project especially pag weekend.

Musta man kamo diha sistah.. asa man mo nag laag last weekend? BTW, daghan na lagi ko na missed na opps from SS kay everytime mag send sila email... tulog pa me so after checking it.. its all gone na..waahh.. sayang sistah.. puede sana maka buy ug beddings..almost 200 buck na jud ang opps na missed nako..

maayo ka pa kay abtik man kaayo mo grab ug opps..

Anyway, asa man ang plan nyo for your birthday, are u having a road trip once again?

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Sistah.. ayu ayu ra diha.. I know manic Monday na sad. laba dami ka naman hahhaa..

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