Thursday, July 30, 2009

Souvenirs From South Carolina

He got me some shot glasses, a shark figurine, and a crystal rock. He got the Texas shot glass during their layover in Texas. Akesha got some shells that hubby found at the Myrtle Beach, a horse, and a silly monkey book.
Then he got us some shirts.....:)
And a military coin. Hubby loves to collect military coins.
These are the knick knacks that hubby got for us when he came home from South Carolina. I did not expect him to get us these stuff...well, he knows what I like to get every time we go somewhere....SOUVENIRS! Thanks a lot hon, you are awesome. I love yah!


  1. mura man ni og kabhang sa oyster....

    nice pasalubong!!!!

  2. I love that souvenir shirts tsang awesome! palangga jd ka imu banana da. Ka cute sa mga knick knack nga napunit sa imu banana tsang nice collection.
    Apil sd ng isda ug shell tsang ug kabayo wow, cool stuff. ang usa ka shell mura naa pa taho sulod hehehehe. What a nice souvenir nyora.

  3. How sweet is you hubby dhemz. Gaya rin ng hubby ko always bring a souvenirs. I love pink kaya anything basta pink if makita niya sa dalan kong pila sya kaadlaw nagpicture-picture, paliton jud na niya. He got me pink hat, pink blouse, pink necklace, etc. Enjoy your day my friend.

  4. wow, pahinge naman ng souvenir! hehehe

  5. oi, naa military coins..sus Dhemz, di ko military pero ambot ganahan kaayo manguleksyon ug military coins or badge ba noon..

    pero kanang shell, mura man fresh, naa pa sulod, murag lami man higupon nyahaha.

    kanang mga T-shirts poydi mana ipa-ship diri kung di ka ganahan hehehe.

    Very sweet jud si banana oi..ka swerte sa babae.

    Thanks sa visit.

  6. sweetness ni hubby mo ha!!!! glad to know he's back.. at di na malamig ang gabi mo my dear..

    thakns sa lahat ng comments mo ha.. maraming salamat sa lahat my dear!! mwah

  7. many souvenirs.. nice..wonderful...

  8. Ka sweet ba uroy ni banana oi. Dili man jud makalimut ug pasalubong. Nice jud sis dhemz... lami na ibutang sa mga altar2x. Perti jud ko bisaya-a oi hehehe..

  9. wow..nice souviners...kasweet jud sa imo hubby sis oi.. I like the shark figurine...and the shot glasses..pang tequila

  10. galing naman dami soviener ....sulatan mo saan place at date ......nice !!

  11. tomaan na! isang Gin nga dyan pare! ^_^
    i mean wine pala...para medyo sosyal L.O.L! joke lang..
    oi sistah! ang sweet ni hubby...may dalang souvenirs! pahenge..joke

  12. nag suroy suroy rako tsang, mura gitapulan ko ug bloghop. tan awon lang unsay dagan sa pangutok hehehe. Asa mo this weekend mag laroy laroy? hapit rako kadali dri mangutot aw, pistot na pindot d i hehehehe

  13. sis..pahingi naman oh..waaahhh..wala diay ko labot sa pasalubong ni HUbby nimo?huhuhuhu..kalooy sa yagit oi nag apil-apil..weeehhh

  14. ka sweet naman ni Greg, ayan nadagdagabn na naman yung collections mo :-)

    no more lonely nights na dhemz, salamat balik na si hubby nimo:-)

  15. Someone has been spoiled :)
    You are Well worth it too!

  16. Hey Dhemz, I'm a souvenir-type person as well. But wow, he sure did spoil you with all that stuff. You do deserve it though.

    BTW, I've been to Myrtle Beach quite a few times, and was actually in Charleston in the second week in June.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and this just reassures us all how good of a hubby you truly have!:)

  17. wow ang dami nyan manag ah... love those shot glasses...

    What's for Sunday over there.. Kami pumunta sa Lake, rylie fed some fish amd we just unwind in there...

  18. wow ang gaganda naman po ng mga souvenir.

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