Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love You Card
I would like to thank Tjan of Insights and sis Jen of The Way I Use To Be for giving me this "Love You" card. This is their one way of expressing their appreciation to their friends who's giving them the best friendship they could ever have. I am also thankful that I met these two lovely ladies here in blog land. To all my friends, this is also for you. Come and grab it!


  1. Dhemz, dire na sad ko :-); ako i grab ni ha; salamat! ug salamat sa friendship nimo :-)!muahhh

    balik ko unya ha!

  2. wow ang ganda..i might grab this sistah...

  3. Ahhh what a sweety friends you got tsang, thanks for sharing the card. basta mga sweet, and nice and pretty mga friends sd are the same hehehehehe. mura birds of the same feathers, are the same birds hehehehehe ako na version tsang ha sa birds of the same feathers flock together lol. hala sge, spread the love to the worlds labi na sa afganistan ug irag aron wala nay gubat.
    Nayabag naman ko oi, makayabag ning mingaw da hala tsang ciao!tata!toodles!vavosh hehehehe

  4. Great card! Very beautiful!
    Have a great new week and take care! Hugs to your family too!


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