Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog Shampoo
Do you own a dog? Is your dog itch, scratch and stink all the time? My husband and I own a 7 year old half collie and half chow dog. We got him from the dog shelter. The dog shelter had trimmed his hair because he was shedding a lot. Not only did he sheds a lot, but he also had a tick and itchy problems. One of the biggest issue we have with our dog is that he scratch all the time. The ticks gives me a headache because our dog whines while scratching his skin. Even we bath him on a daily basis, but the shampoo that we bought for him is not working. I have found out that there is a good solution for this problem. Why not try the all natural dog shampoo from Dinovite? Dogosuds is a product that are made by Dinovite. This product makes your dog smell clean for a long time. It contains 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It also contains NO CHEMICALS, NO PERFUMES, and NO FILLERS. I think this is a great solution for my dog, and for your dog as well. You should visit them today, and check out Dinovite's other products. So what are you waiting for?


  1. nyahahaha katang-kag ba ug ears ang isa ka dog...nayahaha may gani di ko buntis hahaha. basig maliwat nayaya kahadluk..

    BTW. naa ko award sa imo. naa nay naghatag ani nimo pero hatag sad ko ani nimo ...ehehehe.

  2. hahaha.. mora man ug si dorothy nag unlanan ang among mga dogs..hehehe.. ka sweet nila tan awon oist.

  3. Ganahan ko inyo tsang da, ky tagaan mn jd mo aning iro, sus wala mn jd ko aning iro oi hehehe, naa siguro ko pulgas nga dili madutlan sa ila shampoo waaaa. thanks sa buzz nyora, dili mn ko qual nya wala mn gawas sa ako ppp. nanago sila nku lol

  4. ka-cute ni Akesha oi.. og nindot pod inyong iro^.. ang iro sa akong ante saona ky brookshield's ang ngalan lain lang to color pero pare-pareha ani pero mas 'nahan ko ani inyoha og color nya nice kaau.. maau pagka-atiman..


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