Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ways to Save on Food Bills

Everyone would like to save money at the grocery store. Food prices are skyrocketing due to the introduction of high regular fuel prices, inflation, and other events outside of our control. For many people, the food budget is becoming the most expensive part of the household living costs. When you are shopping for food, it is important that you make a list this will help you to avoid buying things that you do not need. The highest cost of shopping is almost always the unexpected extras that you don’t really need. Here are some ways to save on food bills.
1. Look out for bargains. When shopping at the grocery store, keep your eyes open for specials and bargains. Buy extra of whatever is on sale. Canned goods are especially good to stock up on because they have a long shelf life. Cereals, dried fruits, pasta, rice and dried beans can also be great buys.
2. Freeze it! Buy ground meat chicken breasts and other frequently used meats in bulk and separate into individual portions. Wrap well and freeze for quick dinners.
3. Shred your own cheese. Instead of buying shredded cheese, purchase in bulk and shred all at one time to store in the refrigerator for whenever you need.
4. Make your own drinks. Instead of buying expensive sodas and bottled drinks, buy canisters of powdered mixes to make your own lemonade, punch or Powerade drink.
5. Make homemade "fast food." Kids love McDonald's, Taco Bell and the like, but they're unhealthy and very costly. Learn to make the kid's favorites from scratch and you will save big. Homemade pizza, for example, is much healthier easy to make at home and much more economical.


Clarissa said...

Naku!!Lahat yatang naka-post dyan ay ginagawa ko lol!!Marami ka talagang mase-save kung magiging masinop ka lang sa kusina.^_^

Cecile said...

thanks for these tips, will really save a lot doing these...never done the cheese shredding pa...kasi di kami mahilig sa cheese eh :-)