Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FatPassport Personalized Travel Recommendations

My family and I love to go on vacations. We discovered this great website that is a new innovative way to get travel recommendations. FatPassport can give you personalized travel recommendations which includes how much the trip will cost. They have a trip engine where you input the country, city, travel style and what type of vacation it is and the system will give you some of the great destinations to visit. I inputted the Philippines with a midrange budget to find the best attractions and FatPassport recommended visiting Bohol to see the Tarsier. If you input general sightseeing in the Philippines, you will also get recommendations to visit Batad and the Chocolate Hills. Some of the great destinations in the United States are Haleakala National Park and Waimea Canyon in Hawaii. You will also get the Statue of Liberty in New York, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Powell Point in the Grand Canyon. Some other great destinations would be Las Vegas, the San Diego Zoo and the 17 mile drive in Carmel California. This website is great for any vacation because it allows you to find out about the attractions you should visit. So what are you waiting for? Before planning your next vacation, you should visit FatPassport.com first.


  1. Dhemz, neat site. I visited and it's actually helpful. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I like ur site Dhemz, it's neat and fully of creativity but remain simple.
    I added u in my LINK menu.

    Keep on writing mare!

  3. Love the site, very helpful..thanks to you for this.

  4. waaa, my RR imbes 800 nahimo 11K waaa....looy ayo ko karon...


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