Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Birthday Greetings for A Special Friend

One of my closest friends here in blog land sis Rose 0f "Rose's Obstacles and Glories" is celebrating her special day today (Korea time). Happy Birthday to you manang ko. I would like to thank you for the friendship I have found in you. I am also glad to have found a genuine friend like you that I've thought it never exist online or here in blog land. Although I haven't known you many years, but your friendship means so much to me like centuries I will say. Here's a poem for you manang ko.

Somehow in this great big world
I found my way to you
My friend across the computer lines
my heart, my soul, that's who.

You try to make me smile
with the mail you send my way.
You never fail to drop a line
each and every day.

Whenever I have hurried home
with something, I must share,
I find it just so comforting
that you are always there.

Encouragement you give me
and a friendship that is true.
I'm glad my soul while reaching out
found someone like you... Happy Birthday sis!


shydub said...

Happy Birthday Rose, wow another year of wonderful life. The more you get older the more you look happy and gloomy. May you have lots of birthdays and blessings to come. Happy Birthday! tsup tsup muahhhhh

chubskulit said...

Thaks a lot Shy..

Manang napapapaiyak naman ako with your meaningful post hikbi hikbi...wahhhhh!!!!

Seriously, thank you so much and likewise, I treasure our friendship so much. Thanks for being there to defend me and for your willingness to listen to my whims and complaints about things. Luvya Manang Ko.. Love the poem and the message!

john said...

Hi Dhemz, thanks for your help once again and happy birthday to my loving and caring wife. I want to tell the world that I love her so much!

niko said...

aw sweeeet tlga!! love this circle of friend i have here at blog land :)

happy birthday mare! sweet mo ganda! mwah

Cecile said...

Happy Birthday, Rose :-)...

Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday to Ate Rose!!!I'm glad to have her as my friend here at blogosphere,too!!!
That was so sweet of you,Mommy Dhemz!!

eden said...

Happy Birthday, Rose and wish you all the best. God bless too

payatot said...

pati tuloy si mommy rose di ko rin nabati kase di ko naman alam na bday nya nung 10..

firelover said...

I added ur link in my blog, so Add my site and ping me soon