Sunday, June 14, 2009

2 Awards in a Row!

These two awards came from one of the famous people I know here in blog land.... the one and only Mr. D (David Funk). He is the author of Basic Bloganomics website. D is a very talented person. His inspiring movie script is phenomenal (kneel down for down). He is a great blogger friend who never fails to include me every time he got an award/s. Even though he's busy at work he still manage to drop by and say "Hi". Thanks a lot D for being so nice. May God Bless your wonderful heart, good luck on your job, and love life...oh never talk about that on your blog...ops..I cross the! Thanks a gain D for these awards.


David Funk said...

It looks like I may have to put you in your new movie "I Cross The Line" in which you constantly ask about my love life. And you have no idea the kind of new script I created for this! Yes, it will be posted on my blog when I get back to town. See what you just did? Hehehe.

In all seriousness, I very much appreciate you being very kind to me as well as playing along to my insane ideas(and of course your box office smash movie "Hit Me!"). You are very talented in your own way and have a lot going good for you, too. God Bless and thanks again my dear friend!

shydub said...

Congrats sa awards tsang, basta maayong tao daghn jd awards madawat hehehehe. ato na ibalig aron makasapi ta ana hehehe. gitapulan ko blog lately oi, mingaw mn gd, pahuway sa ko hehehehehe. Nag unsa mo dha ron, sus daghn trabaho nag paabot, mamilo pko nilabhan, nanglimpyo ko niha. Mao pa sd abot nmu gkan mall, amo gilaag jake sa mall oi, ky murag hundred years nami intaw wala kalaag didto.

uNSAY LINGAW BB akesha dha ron? walay laag ang mga talaag hehehehe, bitaw tsang ni ari rko dri magtuplok pindot hehehe