Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Did anybody see the flock of birds? I took this photo from our backyard while I was gardening. I missed the whole! Too bad I missed the whole V-shape formation.


  1. hi sis, ang gandang tingnan ng mga birds anoh...meron din akong pic na ganyan..nung winter d2..^_^ daming birds in v shape formation

  2. That's beautiful Manang ko.. musta? nagupdate na pala ang gogle, bakit kaya maaga, PR2 na etc blog ni lola mo.. sana di bawiin ni Mr. G.

  3. kung susuriin mong maie, akala mo lang ay isang obra na may guhit sa gitna...

  4. nice capture with the blue sky in the background, dhemz..


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