Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank TAmz of "Amiable Amy" for sharing me this award. Thanks a lot te for being so nice and sweet. To know more about her, you should check out her blog.

Now it is my turn to share this award to TCecile, Manang Rose, Sistah Umma, Tsang Shy, Mommy Lu, David Funk, Meryl, Grace Draper, TVhing, Chie, Cacai M, Glenda, Ghie, Kittykat, Hazel, Tammy, TBeth, TBeng, Kryk, Khaye, Anygen, Kuya Totz, Antoine, Maria, Clarissa, TMarz, TEden, Mommy Adin, and YOU!


pet said...

tama lan sayo award na ito kase lovely naman talaga blog mo at pati rin ikaw..hahahahaha

Lulu said...

Lovely blog? I prefer Lovely Mommy... hahaha joke lang

Thanks for thinking of me with this award... alam mo na ang beauty ko tamad mag post ng mga awards and tags

Clarissa said...

Thanks,Mommy Dhemz!!Meron na naman akong award!yey!!\(^0^)/