Friday, May 22, 2009


Wow! I can't believe that weekend is here again. Time really goes by fast. Anyhow, it is my turn to participate the Mommy Moments mania again. This week's theme is GRANDPARENTS BONDING. So here's my share.

Akesha is the first granddaughter and great granddaughter in my mother's side of the family, and she was the 32nd grandchild in hubby's family (dad).

The only photo that she had with Lola and Lolo...we're unable to take some photos because hubby dropped the camera during our trip to the Philippines.

The latest pics with her grandpa....:)

When dad came to visit us and spent the night.

After we went to church....:)
4th of July

Christmas, 2008Akesha's Baptism...Dad is her godparent..he's the only Catholic in the that's why...and it happens that only one person is allowed to be a godparent...pretty weird huh?


  1. ka cute ni akesha sa bata pa... heheh of course until now. I just love watching baby photos, it never fails to give me a smile...

    daghana na diay ug apo sa imong hubby side no!

  2. daghan kaayo ko na miss dri tsang, ky duha ko kaadlaw wala ka visit, ky inig click nku mga blog, dili ko kasulod ky mawala tungod sa amo internet explorer amew! hehehe
    Maypa inday akesha naa pa bonding iya lolo ug lola sa pinas. Nindot d i akesha sa ky mo tawag nman d i ug lolo and lola sa iya mga apohan.
    Thanks kaayo sa mga bisita ug comentos tsang.
    Naa sd dri ako manghud, mao wala ko kaayo ka blog. Na expire ang uban ako gi reserved oi, nya nimala ang nagmantika na nga utok, hutdan idea isuwat hehehehe

  3. wow galing ni lolo alagang alaga talaga si akesha by the way here's my share

  4. dropping by here dear :-), ganda naman ng mga pix with lolo :-); cute murag buotan man imong fil, dhemz :-)

  5. ka cute ba jud ni baby oyy...agoy...tan awa ang talikod....murag gamay nga dalaga ....hahaha...awww....gamay man jud diay hahaha...kapalangga ba jud ni lolo ....saon nalang ...grandpa's girl na

  6. Wow, great pictures, and I love how adorable they all are. Thanks for sharing!:)

  7. haba ng buhok ni akesha, sana lang nagkaroon ka ng mas maraming pix kay lolo at lola dito sa pinas..sana pag uwi mo ulit magawa mo yan...

  8. I bet, she's an ultimate grandpa's girl!

  9. woizzzt me too Madam sis, I only have one godparent.. heheheh.. we have similar part of Akesha.. heheh.. Happy Friday Madam sis.. muahh!

    I miss you!

  10. looks like your pretty barbie doll akesha is grandpa's lil girl.. naku kelan mo ba sya uwi ulit? im sure madami fans nya sa inyo and syempre miss na miss na sya ng mga grannies nya dun. +give my hugs to Akesha.. i love her name, unique

  11. 1st great granddaughter?Wow, it's rare.
    mine's here:

    I found your site interesting. Thus, I'm convinced to give you this Interesting blog award. Hope you like it!

  12. kabut-an sa grandpa ni akesha no?buti na lang at merong nakuhang pics sa lolo at lolani akesha sa pinas!thanks for sharing!^_^

  13. Wow, very loving talaga si ganpa ni akesha ano.. kami naman kahit di pumupunta si dad ng church, napapunta namin nung baptism ni ej kaya all of us were shocked lol...


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