Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paintball Field In Indianapolis

Paintballing is one of the sports that I would like to try someday. It is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint. Do you know that there are over 5.4 million people who play the game in the United States? This game is great either indoors or outdoors. Are you looking for great paintball site? If you live or are planning on going to the Indianapolis area, you should check out the White River Paintball Field . It is the largest in the Indianapolis, Indiana Paintball field with over 125 acres of paintball. The famous White River Paintball specializes in first time, recreational, and scenario paintball players. They are open 7 days a week to service all of your paintball needs. If you are looking for paintball gears and equipments, you should not look any further because they have paintball Pro-shop that offers paintball smoke grenades, paintball grenades, extra paintballs, concessions and a ton of new paintball gears. Not only that, you will get FREE fills for a year on all CO2 and high pressure air paintball tanks when you purchase. So what are you waiting for? Would like to book for private parties in Indianapolis, Indiana Paintball? You should call them at (317) 489-3732 or visit them at

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