Friday, April 3, 2009

March Top 10 EC Droppers

I would like to express my gratitude to these people who made it to the top ten last month. Thanks a lot guys from the bottom of my heart. I will see you again next time.


chuchie said...

Hello are always welcome dear..we are here for you, your avid supporter...thanks for posting glad i am in yeheyy

maxiVelasco said...

I am not on the top ten? huhu. i had been really busy the past weeks, Dhemz preparing for my swedish national test. just did it last wednesday. hope i can pass it!

anyway, will try harder to be on your top ten of EC droppers this month. whew!

have a great night friend! mwah... :-D :-D :-D

Cacai M. said...

:-D Yay! I got it first! Yehey! Thanks for posting and the linky love Madam sis.. am always be here for you always . :* :* :*

kittykat said...

yehey!!apil ko diri..happy kaayo ko..waaahhh..babaw kaayo ko kaligayahah Inday Gwapa..kumusta man atong beauty karon??unsa plans for the weekend?

I went out last night umaga na ako nakauwi tapos may work pa ako ng usual late nanaman ang beauty ko and super the max antok pa ako..huhuhuh..

i haven't been out for quite a while..been avoiding unnecessarry expenses since my b-day is coming I need to save..hahahaha..kay mag debut baya ko..10 years after my supposed debut karon nalang nako i celebrate..hahaha

hala murag taas na pod ni ay!!ayy oo nga san na reply mo sa e-mail ko??hehehehe..kindly include your add as well ha pati exact b-date mo..okies..ingats always Inday sis.mwuah!!!

Madz said...

naku wla man jud ko nkapsar diri dangz, unsaon nga cge man god ko AWOL hahahahah.... na puro na jud palakol akong grades...hehhehhe

Cge lang dangz, bawi ko this month...

uy naa diay chika sa imo dangz, which really makes me sad.... huhuhuhu si banana kay gicontact na nga pbalikon na sa work sa Angola, huhuhuhuh ako nlng usa diri, unya the trouble is, halos dili na gani ko kasul-ob sa akong panty kay naghuot na jud akong tiyan :-P dili nako ka bend over... agoy unsaon nlng ni bisan gani pag sul-ob sa socks... na I thought of inviting one of my sisters here pra naa ko kauban ba no, kay na I refused jud to stay with my in-laws.. bahala na jud...hahahaah

Na bahala na si batman uy!! hahhhah... let see what happens... unya dili pa jud raba ko kamao mo drive, aw hinuon walking distance rman mga small shops diri, so wlay kaso kay wlay kiha...hehehhehe

EJ said...

we can't drop ec's anymore, rose is getting frustrated about it hehehe..