Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Benefits of Lemon

We are very lucky to have fruit trees in our place. Most of these fruit trees we have are citrus, and one of them is lemon. I've been making lemonade since we live here. Until now we still have lemon fruits all over the place, and I don't even know what to do with them...hehehe!

Do you know that lemon is another fruit that has been known for its therapeutic properties for generations? It is also a root of any home remedy and is normally used to help the stomach ( because they have special cleansing effect).

Lemon is one of the fruits that would strengthen your immune system. If you have flu or colds, try drink lemon juice. It will relieve the symptoms as well as halt the progress of most infection. Why ? Because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

1. Lemon act as blood purifier and improves the body’s ability to get rid of toxins.

2. Lemon fruit is excellent in fighting disease that's related to infection.

3. Buy lemon to get rid of certain insects. It’s mother nature’s version of insecticides and will help to repel mosquitoes and flies

4. Some people love antiseptics and would apply it to their skin whenever they have the smallest cut. The good news is you can use lemon on cuts too since it's nature's antiseptics. Not only that, because of its styptics property, it is said that lemon could be applied on cuts to stop bleeding.

5. Drinking lemon juice is useful for people with heart problem - because of its high potassium content

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Ibyang said...

i love lemons!
i drink lemon juice once a day because it's refreshing and has a lot of health benefits.