Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ready to Hop Hop Hop!
What's up folks! It feels great to be back....and I am ready to blog hop again! I wasn't able to blog hop yesterday because I had a terrible stomachache...I feel better now! I also wasn't able to be online earlier because I had my dentist appointment, and I've been busy with my garden the whole day. Now, I'm going to keep up will all the stuff I have missed. See you guys!


  1. Hello Inday Gwapa,,glad you're feeling better now..kabalo ka success gud akong luto..will post the photos and the feedbacks tomorrow..hay lami jud siya I love spicy food kasi..salamat kaayo Inday fo sharing the recipe..hopefully more to come ha..

  2. HI Mada sis am here.. :* .. Am glad you're okey now.. :) So, roll the cards for the hops! 8-) see yah ;) :*

  3. thanks you feel better. i have an award for you. Hope you can grab it when you get the chance. have a wonderful weekend.


  4. mommy dhemz wala ba diay ka haplas dinha ... pagpalit efficacent para haplas dayon.. btw, glad you are feeling better


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