Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My First Time

I grabbed this from Ate Cecile's blog of "Small and Simple Things". Just like her...I love to answer questions about myself...hehhehe...:) I know I owe few tags from you guys...don't worry I will surely grab it!,floral,graphic,design,illustration,numbers,1-480c5cef99dbfcbe04cc281b130870a8_h.jpg

1. Who was your FIRST prom date? I came from a private dating is not allowed...though I enjoyed my JS Prom....hehhehe!

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? Nope....we don't have communication since I got married.

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? hahhaha..."Gilbeys"...that was during my college days....I got drunk for the first time, and my friends were laughing because I talk a lot....glad I did not throw up....:)

4. What was your FIRST job? Government Employee (Accounting Clerk)

5. What was your FIRST car? Kia Sportage

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? None....I don't text no's expensive....hehhehe!

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? My husband.

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Mrs.Cadabero

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on the airplane? Pasay, Manila Philippines (I was 2nd year high school, it was a summer vacation)

10. Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends with them? Angie, yes we are still friends.

11. What was your FIRST sport played? table was a present from my Uncle

12. Where was your FIRST sleep over? At my bestfriend's house when I was in 6th grade.

13. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? My husband.

14. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? My mother's cousin...I was a flower girl!

15. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? prep hubby's clothes.

16. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? I don't remember the band's name...hehhehe....I was in high school.

17. FIRST tattoo or piercing? I had my ears pierced when I was 4 years old.

18. FIRST foreign country you went to? US of A

19. What was your FIRST run in with the law? None, I never break the law.

20. When was your FIRST detention? None.

21. What was the FIRST state you lived in? California

22. Who was the FIRST person to break your heart? My crush...hahhahah!

23. Who was your FIRST roommate? Janice

24. who was your first kiss? My other than....:)

25. Who was the FIRST person to kiss you on your neck? My husband...who else? hehhehe!


meryl said...

hi sis, ang sweet...talagang si hubby ang first...he's so lucky.. ;)

cecile said...

Dhemz, nalingaw ko sa imong answers hehehe; katawa jud tong last question kay who else pa nga ba hehehe. Maayo dili ka nag threw up hehehe.

Salamat for grabbing it ha, it is always good to know more about you dear :)

Cacai M. said...

:-D heheheh.. Am touched with that who else of the last question huh. ;) heheheh. Woizzt thank you kaau sa blog roll scroll bar Madam sis and the fixing of the header and so on and so forth. Am not going to thank again 'coz I know words are not enough :* . Thanks a lot Madam sis.. :* sa uulitin :-[ ;)

Clarissa said...

hahahaha!!mahilig ka pala gin inday dhenz?!! minsan tagay tayo!!\(^0^)/

chuchie said...

kastrick pud diay sa inyong school dems nho? sa amoa kay oks raman..hehehe korek...c hubby jud ang dapat mokiss sa neck.. Its nice demz nga ur hubby is ur first kiss..biya jud tong pugong2x nimu sauna nho? hehehehehe

Valter said...

Good morning, thank you for the visit, day of happiness and successes. Hug of the friend Valter :)

Bingkay said...

Nice to know more about you sis. Lingaw kog basa :)

amy said...

i will grab this too hahhaa...nah have so many pending tags pud bitaw Dhemz...ambot maapas ba nko ani

chubskulit said...

hey sis if you want to text you can still do it for free just make you an account at yan ang ginagamit ko.. nytnyt, tulog na ako at 12 na pala wahhhhhhh.. nawili ako kakabhop hehehe..

shydub said...

I read this first tag from cecile, i enjoy reading your first guys. I don't remember some of mine. Hubby jd ang first kinsa mn d i inyo silingan nga bungi hehehe just kidding. So dhemz wala d i ka nadakpan sa CDO for illegal possession of pretty face.

btw, naa amo payag dhems sa macabalan, namalhin mi dha 1998 from campphillips bukidnon ky nabayran mn ako amahan sa del monte. nagsakay na sguro ta before.nagwork ko KFC 1998-1999 wang tigu na intawn imu lola lol.

krislea said...

i like the graphics.. hehe

Cacai M. said...

:-D Korak Chie! Hubby should be the first :* in the neck ! :)

Cacai M. said...

Hi Madam sis, am here.. logging-in for this day! (~_~)

eden said...

agoyy ang gilbeys gin starring man kaayo dhemz..hahaha.. ako sad dhemz, walay date pag JS prom but i enjoyed it too.


eds said...

akala ko kung anong first to .. heheh pero in fairness parehas tau ng unang alak na nainom. gilbeys with lime!! haha pasimuno din ako jan eh .. ako ang nagturo sa gma kaklase ko maginom hehe...

khaye said...

so cute para maalala mo your past... done posting your Ring Tag.. thanks

Maria said...

Hello Gang, I enjoy reading your post. I don't even know what gilbery's! You're funny girl. that is i love you..

Naa ko dinhi sa school sa akong bana nag sinamok. Naa sila'y book fair then report card in the afternoon. So, nag assist ko niya karon. at the same time guadiya. hahaha!

Spring break niya next week. Busy kaayo.

Regarding sa among bakasyon? Tatlo mi mag uli from chicago to tokyo then Manila to Gensan. Long trip. Bahala na basta makauli gyud ko. Gitaya nako diri; I really wanted to visit pinas before solaris went for kindergarten. then what if we are going to have another baby? dili na gyud ko kauli ani. I am gonna be five years here this coming May. So It's time for me to see my family. I also want them to see Solaris.

Kahapon birthday of Solaris. Naliganw mi og tan-aw sine monter Vs. Alien. she loves it. I kow akesha will love it too. Then nag laag mi sa chuckee for one hour then go home. And we're knowck out. Giakpy ko kay nag laundry ko kahapon.

Chika lang ta ugma gang.... ingat ang kiss to akesha may bunso. love yah