Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meaning of Names

Do you know what the story behind your name is? My parent's wanted to name me Demxie, and the registrar's office messed up the spelling to Demcy. My name is a combination from my parent’s names. I am glad because the name is very unique. What is the meaning of your name? Have you ever heard of “Namespedia”? Namespedia is a short term for Names Encylopedia. It is a place where people contribute to names s meaning and even genealogy tracking. If you are looking for baby names or you want to know your name meaning, you should visit to get started. So what are you waiting for?


harry seenthing said...

thanks for ur info, now im understand the meaning of my name, but in my country meaning of name is the first and must be good

Kittykat said...

I know where my parents got my name but I don't know what it means..
Btw sis you know what,,yesterday I went to the grocery, I bought all the ingredients of your "Chicken Curry" and I am so excited coz I am making it tonight..I have to go home early and prepare diner for my two siblings...I hope they will like it..I will post the photo and the outcome tomorrow...wish me luck Inday..oo nga may utang pa ako..e-mail kita later okay..nyt2x..mwuah..

amandaautismx2 said...

Hey Demcy, cool name thing. I was just thinking about learning more about my hopeful birth family. I was wondering where I could go to do this. Thanks for the link.

Grace said...

lahat nman ng registrar lagi nman cla mali yung correct spell di nila nasusunod ako nga sis eh mary grace pero mas gusto ko maiksi hehe kc nman tinatawag ako dito mary kaya minsan cnasabi ko pag hinanap mary hindi mary panagalan ko sabihin mary grace,sanay na ako sa grace lang pag nagpa id ako grace lang ggmitin ko hehe