Monday, March 16, 2009

Call blast

Do you need to make a lot of phone calls? If you are looking to improve your telemarketing by calling more people, you might want to consider Call blast. All you need to do is to provide them with the numbers to call, and they will make the calls for you. They will call all of the numbers and play the pre-recorded message. You can have them call hundreds or even thousands of people. Instead of calling numbers yourself from a reverse street directory, you can have Call blast use their auto dialer to call for you. You can view the results of the call campaign by using the “Call Results” section in the panel. The “Call Results” will show you how many live people received the message, how many answering machines, and how many calls weren’t delivered. Call blast can save you countless hours of dialing the phone, and this is the most efficient method to get your message out to hundreds and millions of people. The Call Blast technology has been used for Mass Marketing, Emergency Alerts, Fund Raising, Political Campaigns and even Credit Collections. You can get a lot of features when signing up with Call Blast. You will get an 800 PBX number which is included with all plans. You can even switch your 800 number or your toll free number to 800 PBX if you so desire. You will also get free local numbers for your business. You will have an Auto Attendant, and even a Voice Driven IVR (Speech recognition). You will also get some storage capacity, call forwarding, live call transfer and many other cool features. So what are you waiting for? If you need to call hundreds or thousands of people, you need to checkout Call blast now and see how they can help.

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