Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flowers For Sale

These photos were taken 2 years ago at Half Moon Bay. While we're driving on our way home we stopped at this huge garden store, and bought some flowers and plants for my garden. I was amazed how huge the place is. It took me 45 minutes to finished roaming around the place. Apparently, some of the flowers and plants I bought from this place were dead, and I left few of them in our condo ...hhehehe!


  1. great photos sis, namiss ko yung pagpunta mi lagi sa garden store sa WV...buti ka pa nakakapagtanim ng plants even on winter hehehe..

  2. kanindot sa mga flowers, dhemz. ganahan kaayo ko magsuroy suroy ug mga gardens but init lang kaayo ron diri oi. i hope inig autumn we can do a lot of garden visits around here. by the way, you always look great.


  3. nindota sa mga flowers oi, naa pod flower shop dri duol ra kaayo sa amo, nagabisita pod mi kung summer kay ting tanom man. uban lagi pod kay mahal, pilion nalang nko ang cheap but nice hehe.

  4. is it millions? very nice flowers! Me, as I was in Phils. Dhemz, I had collections of SanFrancisco or paragayo. As in, my garden are colorful though it's just leaves not flowers. I just like it 'coz it don't need to take care a lot yet beautiful like others fancy ones esp. if rare, right?


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