Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do You Love About Your Husband?

Living here in the US for almost 4 years is quite interesting. For that long period of time, I admit that sometimes I don't feel that I belong here. I have met quite a few Filipina friends here in our area but I don't feel the "click", you know what I mean. Also it is hard to trust someone whom you don't know well. I miss the company that I have with my friends back in the Philippines. I used to have groups of friends wherever I go, but then when I moved here in the US I felt like an outcast. Thanks to the blogging revolution! I have found some good friends here in the blogosphere. One of these close friends I have is my pretty sistah Umma. Thanks a lot sis for the friendship I have found in you. Thanks also for the tag.

This tag is about the things I love about my husband. Anyhow, here's my piece.

Hubby and I have known each other through letters. I wrote my first letter to him when I was in 4th year college. It took us 8 months of corresponding with each other, and then he decided to see me in person. We started our relationship after we met. It was November of 2004 when he proposed over the phone, then he went back to the Philippines for the second time and we got tied during Christmas Eve.

Hubby and I may not be the best couple in the world....we may have our moments in our marriage, but in the end we know that we love each other.

Anyhow, here are some great points that my hubby have.

- Hubby is my first real boyfriend...that is why I'm so in love with him....hehhehe!
- I am very glad to have him in my life because he can handle my insanity when I get mad.
- I love the fact that he is very responsible and for taking care of me and Akesha.
- He is a great father and a very hands-on dad.
- I am glad because he helps me with house chores.
- He makes me smile all the time with his nonsense jokes.
- I am thankful because he give me flowers or plants every month.
- He is very understanding and supportive
-He always say "SORRY" even if it is my fault
-He always comfort me in times of sadness
-Even if he wants to do things on his way... the only choice he have is to follow my way
- I am glad that he's not an abusive husband that beats a wife...actually I am the one that beats him.
- He always find way to make up when we have fights.
- I love him because no matter what I do he is always there for me.

I love you HON! Thanks for everything...:)


anne said...

wow that is so just here girl hop hop nice tag youve got there

Madz said...

ehem, ka sweet sa mag lover... hehehe agoy lamigason ta ana ha.. will try to post mine today...

basahon usa nako inyong stories ha... asus!! hahahaha

Btw, I am resting now, nsa house me karon kay nagpangnaw man ko nya sakit akong mga klawasan, so off ko the whole afternoon, hubby is working out my resignation, and that's effective ASAP! can't afford to loose my baby again, I didn't know nga masilan diay ko magbuntis dangs, kapoy ayo ako lawas kanunay... please pray for my baby, thanks mwah wmah wmwah...

chubskulit said...

grabe namumulopot ang tamis hehehe, ayan may ants ng gumagapang lol.. au au, tulog na ako manang ko!

Umma said...

"- I am glad that he's not an abusive husband that beats a wife...actually I am the one who beat him"

This is funny sistah hahaha... so we're husband beater...I did that too to hubby if Im so upset..poor him.

Super sweet sad diay ang love story nyo ni banana oi! Im impressed you were using snail mails.. mag penpal diay mo hahaha.

Anyway, I could tell your hubby is one sweet guy sistah.. no wonder... maayo jud ang kaput nimo everytime you take pictures're so lucky to have him.

Daghan sad qualities na pareho atong banana oi! Utro sad me sistah, wah man ko diri friends na filipina sa amoha sad kay di man jud ko ganahan sa uban ba? Cguro di lang click ang mga personalities namo..

Hazelicious929 said...

Correct jud ka Dhemz, lisod jud making friends oi especially when they start to stick their noses out hehehe I am glad that you're one of my special friends here

Thanks Dhemz for being so sweet and nice to me. Ka nice ba jud oi, under man jud si banana nimo sa imuha... grabe pud ning mga BISDAK oi hahaha

Mag pen pal diay mo ni banana nimo sa una? kami ni Winn kay phone pal hehehe

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awwww...very sweet. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. Will be checking in every now and then. About the outcast feeling...well ganon rin ako dati, but that was sooooooo long ago. Lumipat kmi ng states ng family ko when I was around 6 years old. I can still remember those mean little kids making fun of me. Paano ba naman kasi mataba ako, di marunong mag english, and i had boycut hair (uso wen we were kids). So I got teased a lot and people always thought I was a boy. But anyhow... Great blog. Will come back soon.

janice_phil said...

know what? i kinda new here in fact i guess just a a week or so and i knew this tru hazelicious its kinda cute and like it,,,want to make friends too like u it still d fact that we are just but an immigrant in this country and i still feel that we belong to where we really r from. hehehe. hope we can be friends too ...thanx...i like ur page its cute having a hard time beautifying mine..hehehe!!! got some tips for me plzzzzzzzzzzz?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

How sweet! I wish you stay that way until the end of the world. :)
That's a good thing, because it will have a positive effect on your kids, too.
God bless, Demz.

Kev said...

Hi Dhemz

Wishing you a happy marriage forever and ever...marriage has its ups and downs. When one's on fire, the other one is the water to douse the fire... it's all about give and take, Patience, Understanding, and Tolerance ... the P.U.T theory :)


kittykat said...

wish I could grab this tag one day look good together sis..

niko said...


am sorry i cant help commenting. i was laughing at 'husband beater' coz am like that too!! :)

u are one lucky girl, ur husband loves u so much! i can sense it.. :) and u looked like really click.. and ur girl is sooo adorable!!

take care!! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Dhemz! You're a good-looking couple. I enjoyed reading this post. You're blessed to have a sweet and understanding hubby. Somebody tagged me with this too. I gonna post it later.