Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Did You Get Tag

I got tag from my pretty sisterettes Anna Rhea and Ria. Thanks a lot ladies for including me again on your list. This tag is about presents you got last holidays, specially last Christmas. Now that it is over let everyone knows what did you get. Answer the following questions below, post the pictures of the presents you like most and pass this tag to your five good friends. Let them know you tag them.

1. Did you get any fun presents? I did! It was a jenga game from our white elephant game.

2. Did your friends and family like the treats you found for them? I am hoping.

3. Did you like the presents you got? Of course!

4. What present/s did you like most? My mini video cam from hubby and "Mom" necklace from Akesha.

Now it is my turn to tag all my friends..just come and grab this guys!


Mrs. Stevenson said...

nice gifts. i like what Akesha gave u. what a thoughtful daughter.

Cecile said...

dhemz, am grabbing this tag whether you like it or not :-)! i like it hehehe, just kidding...i know we can grab it as you said :-)

Anonymous said...

pa grab din sis hehe sweet ng baby mo