Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TOP 10 Indoor Plants

How many of you have indoor plants? In our household we have quite a few indoor plants, and two of there are hanging plants. Indoor gardening is just as fun as having an outdoor garden. In fact, indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them, but they act as a quick decorating tool.
Here are the top 10 indoor plants:

1. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

2. Braided Ficus Tree

3. Cactus Combo Bonsai

4. Chamaedorea Palm

5. Chinese Evergreen

6. Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries

7. Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes
8. Ponytail Palm
9. Tropical Combo Bonsai
10. Amaryllis, 'Yellow Goddess'


lunaticg said...

Love to plant bonsai.
See you around.

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello dhangz! musta na? ka sosyal ba jud sa mga plants oi.. they really add a good ambiance inside the house.