Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Personalized Search Homepage Service

Did you know that instead of using the same Google search that everybody else uses, you could create a customize search that is a little more interesting? The Shiny Search website allows you to create your own customize search. They have all kinds of great choices such as the God Father, the Pink Flower, the Harley Davidson and many more. They have a wide variety of other selections such as the Japanese Girl, Snow Flakes and Leopard Skin. All you need to do is visit shinysearch.com, make your selection, type in your name, and press, “Create Custom Search Homepage”. After you have done that, your search page will be created for you. The best thing about making a custom search is the easy access you have to get to the important websites. They have a drop down box that allows you to check all of your email accounts. You can visit your Gmail, or your AOL account without fumbling through your favorites. They also have an easy way to access your Facebook, mySpace and Friendster accounts. Instead of typing the URL in your browser, you can go directly to the place you want by selecting from the drop down list. I already change my homepage and I really like it. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today.

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