Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Organizing Your Closet (Part 1)

Here's my question for the day: How organize is your closet? People have a great many misconceptions about the nature of organizing. This may be the result of inexperience or lack of knowledge. Every possible excuse has been given for delaying organizing your closets. However, it's clearly in your own best interests to learn all there is to know about the organizing process; there are obvious and tangible rewards as well as underlying and subtle advantages.

I am going to share to you guys the myths and facts about organizing your closet. Set back and relax....ehhehe!

Myth: "I need more rooms, more closets, and more storage space before I can get organized."

Fact: By organizing the space you have, you gain the extra room, closet, or storage area you're seeking.

Analysis: If you don't learn how to store your belongings and possessions wisely and conscientiously you'll soon outgrow a house even the size of Buckingham Palace. It isn't the amount of space you have, but how you use it that counts. Although some homes can't supply even a meager place to begin the organizing process, you can still create your own storage area from scratch.

Myth: "I just did my spring-cleaning so I'm in good shape for another year or until it's so messy again I can't stand it."

Fact: Organizing is not synonymous with spring-cleaning or with periodic endeavors to straighten up.

Analysis: Proper organizing is a one-time project. With careful planning, you'll never restack, refold, or rearrange again. Good organizing creates a maintenance-free system that uses your daily routines to keep it in the same pristine condition as the day you finished organizing it. A beneficial by-product of organizing is that it counteracts and controls the bad habits that contributed to the clutter you now face.

Myth: "I just paid a small fortune to have my closet organized, so why is it a mess again?"

Fact: The closet wasn't "organized," it was remodeled. New shelves and closet rods can fall victim to the same disorder and disarray as readily as the old ones.

Analysis: Once the installation was complete, probably no one explained how to place your garments and accessories in the newly modeled closet. If you did the remodeling yourself, new hardware won't change the difficulties you've been facing with clutter. Learning the principles of organizing will lay the groundwork for using your newly modeled closet to meet your needs.

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