Thursday, January 29, 2009


Education is the learning of knowledge, information and skills during the course of life. That is why as a parent I would like to teach my 2 year old daughter to learn the basic education. Toddlers are too young for “school” of any kind, but they do love learning. By simply introducing letters of the alphabet as part of other activities, they will catch on amazingly quickly. Since I was pregnant with Akesha, hubby and I have agreed to teach our daughter to speak my language (tagalog) and my dialect (bisaya) as well. When Akesha was born I have been speaking tagalog or bisaya to her, while hubby will speak English of course. At her tender age she is able to understand when I speak to her on my language which is pretty awesome. I am glad that my parents also helps us on educating Akesha. My parents sent us educational stuff from the Philippines like flash cards, books, and etc. I hope that I will be able to continue on teaching her about Filipino stuff. How about you? How did you teach your child/children?

This was Akesha's old room
These photos were taken when she was 23 months old

She's dancing the hola dance....I mean pearly shells...hhehe


  1. Kalami ana ni Akesha, at least pag nauli sa Pinas makaintindi ug Bisaya at Tagalog sad.

    Mukhang naa kay little teacher diha ha?

    So if magsali sa artista, di na maglisod ug understand ba hahaha..

  2. Its good sis that you still find it important to teach her own native language..Para kahit hindi siya dito sa Pinas lumaki there is still a part of her that is..Keep it p sis..Sana lahat ng Pinay Mommies do that..

  3. Nice room. Pag nagka-baby ako, gagawan ko rin sya ng nursery room, hehehe. :D

  4. that's nice gyud nga kamao atong anak sa atong dialect. akong daughter kamao gamay sad malingaw akong mga friends maminaw niya..

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  6. saludo ako sayo manang ko, ako di ko na natututruan si rye ng tagalog hehe..

  7. I admire your daughter's hair, its kinda thick and .. is it wavy?

  8. hi DHEMZ

    Wow! she is a smart kid.

    I'm here buzzzing,kickin

  9. Hey hon, where is the picture of her new room...? :)

  10. pretty talaga si Akesha mo uyyy...hayyy....kelan kaya ako magkaroon....hmmm

  11. Wow dhangz! ka nice oi, fashionista diay si Akesha! hahaha that is nice Dhemz, kay while she's young she will learn a lot


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