Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I got tag from my sweet Dangz Madz of "The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol". Thanks a lot sistah for the thought. I am also glad to have met a friend like you here in the blogosphere. You are soon to be a new mom...I am very excited to see your angel soon. I am sure you will be a great mom to your kiddos. Good luck on your pregnancy Dangz.

Anyhow, here are The rules
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...

2. The list should be 15 numbers

3. Post the image of this award in your posting

4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.
HERE ARE MY Wishes FOR MY BIRTHDAY: My birthday falls on the 20th of August.
1.I wish that God will grant all the wishes I have in mind
2. I wish to have another baby..a baby boy
3. I wish that God will always guide and bless my family
4. I wish to get my Nursing degree soon
5. I wish my family in the Philippines are in good health
6. I wish to sleep early and wake up early...hehheh...I am addicted to blogging...:)
7. I wish that our plans on going to visit the PI will not change
8. I wish to meet all my close friends here in the blogosphere...just to make sure if they exist..just kidding!
9. I wish to have our backyard landscape...hhehehe...need some improvements to do.
10. I wish to get more opportunity from paid sites...hhehhe!..need to make extra money while I am at home
11. I wish to gain more friends here in the blogosphere...what I mean is real friends.
12. I wish to work on my behavior towards my hubby...I can be nasty sometimes....hehheh!
13. I wish to go to Europe
14. I wish that we will be able to survive the crisis
15. I wish to have a new car.
Thanks goodness...I was exhausted! hehheh....that was overwhelming! Thanks a lot dangz Madz!
Now it is my turn to pass this to my friends. I will not include those people who have been tag from Madz.
I am tagging : Ria,TMel, Grace, Joanna, Greggy, Kryk, Anne, AnnaRhea, TVhing, & TJacky.


Hazelicious929 said...

Wow! ako sad Dhemz, ganahan ko adto sa Europe. Pero si Hubby wants to go first sa Australia. He really wants to visit Australia...

I wish all your wishes will come true Dhemz. Just keep on praying

amiable amy said...

dami on that wishes Dhemz, it will be granted...

chubskulit said...

wow manang ko, dami mo wishes hehehe. Im sure you'll get preggy soon if you will go to bed early hahahha... Yeah, you should ceck us out if we really exist, baka isa samin eh gaya ni Dyosa wahahaha,... Auau!

devianty said...


Madz said...

hahaha I was having the same complains too kay Dona, grabe taas uy! kapoy huna2 sa... hehehe pero nahuman ra pod nako kalouy sa Ginoo!

Daghana nimo wish uy, puhalan man ako! hehehe bitaw ang crisis importante, pra mobalik na kamahal ang mga opps sa 3P way klaro barat kaayo!! affected pod sa recession!! hahhhha

Btw, thanks for all your wishes & flattered comments too.. nice to have read this meaningful comments of yours..

NAMES FOR MY BABY? Well, I think we still stick to our original plan last year! it if a boy will be - JASON ANDREW (Andew his brother's name, while Jason hubby's choice)..if a baby girl - JASMINE TRISH (Trish our both mothers' nickname, while Jasmine is my choice)...

What do you think are they sexy names? too modern?