Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Highlights

It was the other day when I visited Hazel of "My Comfort Zone" blog and I saw her "2008 Summary" entry. I thought that was a good idea to summarize all the important events. So I might going to grab it and share my 2008 summary to my fellow bloggers as well. Thanks for the idea girl! Just click the photos below. Thanks

These are just main events happened in each month:

Hubby's Company Cocktail Party


Valentines Day: I got Valentine basket from hubby and I made him a heart shape cake.


We went to Truckee to go sliding.

Easter Egg Hunting

We went to see the Air Show


We went to the local Animal Sanctuary

Celebrating Akesha's 2nd Birthday


Celebrating Mother's Day at Apple Bee's

Our Road Trip


IDAHO (Crater's of the Moon)

Tillamook, Oregon

UTAH, Mormon Temple

Copper Mining Pit and Salt Lake City Marina

Seattle, Washington

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Hoover Dam


California Exposition Fair


Celebrating my 25th Birthday




Pumpkin Patch & Halloween


We hosted the Thanksgiving Day


Celebrating Hubby's Birthday

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Christmas Eve (Time to open the presents)

Christmas Day

House of Fine Arts, San Francisco (Anniversary Gateway)


Hazelicious929 said...

wow Dhemcy! You have a nce presentation of your 2008 highlights! I love it! hehehe

Madz said...

Uy dangs, cute kaayo imo presentation! Unsa man ni dili tag? pwede ni igrab dangs? hehehe addict na pod ko sa tagging ay.. hehehehe

you know last night til 3am n pod ko cge dakop mga opps sa 3P ug s smorty! mwha mwah wmah

Imelda said...

wow its a very nice oresentation, sis! ur such a happy family and you are both inspiring...

anne said...

Hello girl paano mo yan ginawa ang scroll bar with pictures? hehehe

chubskulit said...

wow sis, dami adventures of 08 ah, sana this year full of travels pa din... meron nga pala ako pag may time ka, pls drop by and post which needs your honest opinion sis Salamat ng marami!

Cecile said...

wow, Dhemz what a cool presentaion :-) i like it; it is good to know that you did a lot of nice activities as family and enjoyed them; that is how life is supposed to be! enjoyed to the fullest!

Antoine GF said...

have a great year this 2k9! sis. hahaha

God bless ur Happy "growing" family


Mrs. Stevenson said...

hi sis nice pics. u got a lot going on last year. thanks for sharing.

Umma said...

Wow!! sistah.. ganda ng mga pictures nyo ha? super talaga kamo ni banana oi! lagi na lang kapot jud hahaha

Greg said...

We did all of that in one year? Wow.. :)

amiable amy said...

super 2008 naman talaga Dhemz...you are so much blessed...I hope you will continue having those travel together with your family...God bless you more!