Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Open the Presents!

We opened our Christmas presents last December 24th, we did not wait to open the presents during the Christmas day because we need to leave early the next morning. Akesha had a blast opening her presents, and she was excited to see all her toys. Akesha got toys from us and from hubby's company. Hubby got pajamas, socks, ties, polo shirt, and shave from me...hehhee! What I got was necklace,jewelry box, clothes, hats, video cam, and winter coat...I guess that's pretty much it. We had fun. How about you? What did you get? Just click play to see our photos. Enjoy!

Click to play


  1. sis, sino taga click ng camera hehehe? Just curious.. thanks for commenting on my new baby.. grabbing your url to add it there... paki add mo na rin to please, salamat manang!

  2. wow, that is so cool :-)

    santa is very generous huh, dami nyo regalo eh :-)

  3. dami nyo gifts dangs, pahingi... hehehe.. I got mine 3 months ago when we were in UK, and hubby got his last 2 weeks ago!

  4. Hello mamang ko, alam ko pinagpuyatan mong ayusing yung blog ko and I can't express how grateful I am! Salamat ng maraming maraming marami, mwah, mwah, mwah! Hubby loved it more than my old blog... Love you manang ko, nytnyt na ako at may migraine ang loal.. love you sis, au au!

  5. Those are some great pictures.

  6. wow! cool pictures & you've got nice and plenty of gifts, too ;)

    great to know you had fun!

  7. that is wonderful...nice family picture too Dhemz....happy new year


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