Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Game Time!

Have you ever heard of Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World? In case you are not familiar with this new virtual game, you should visit This is very cool game. The Action AllStars is a whole new adventure for anyone who loves sports, teams, action, and games! What this game does is first you will create an Athlete and join the world. You can roam around, check out the sites, play games, deck out your turf, and make new buddies. There’s new Athletes moving into Action AllStars all the time. I tried to play this game with my daughter and she likes dressing her athlete in different outfit. I actually enjoyed this game.
This game is very user friendly. If ever you get lost or need some help all you need to do is go to the mark button on the tool bar within Action AllStars. Just press that button and Ryan will pop up to help you. You should try this and let your kids play with it.You can purchase a premium account like $5.95 monthly,$25.95 for six months, and $57.95 in 12 months. You should join now. The benefits of being a member are you will be able to get to collect cool items from your favorite MLB and NBA sport teams. When you become a premium member you can even customize your Home Turf with awesome gear, and climb the ranks all the way to an Action AllStar.

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