Sunday, December 21, 2008

I need A Break!

I have finally managed to finish my online class. Thanks goodness it's done! After four months of dealing homework and exams, I can now focus on the Christmas holiday. What I mean is now I have time to send out our newsletter, and do some last minute shopping for my parents. Next semester I made up my mind not to take any classes, because I thought I need a break. I have been exhausted this year. My schedule was very hectic during the past few months. From moving (packing and unpacking) taking care of our daughter, doing household errands, taking classes, and of course easy is that? I am glad that hubby is very understanding. So from now on I hope I will be able to manage bloghopping. Whew what a relief!


amiable amy said...

wow! Congrats...I know how tiring it was. But, at least you are done. Good to know that girl.

Tita Beng said...

Congrats to you for finishing that online class. That is an achievement!
I could understand how difficult for a mom, wife and blogger to be a student as well. But you did it! Great!

Have a joyful holiday season!

Cecile said...

good for you dear, finally a break? you deserve it!

Congrats :-)

Maus said...

for sure makakadami ka nyan sa blogging heheheh