Thursday, December 18, 2008

Budget Software

How many of us wish we knew at the start of our adult lives what we know now about saving money for the future? Educating our children about savings, credit cards and easy debt is crucial to their opportunities tomorrow. The sooner a person starts saving for a first home, their children's college education, and their own retirement, the more freedom they have over their own future. One of the common problems in the world is finances. Although some financial problems are simply caused by poor financial understanding resulting in unwise decisions, research suggests most financial problems are caused by non-financial, behavior problems such as impulse buying, excessive materialism, preoccupation with social image,using money to control others, and addictive behavior. Have you ever heard of YNAB Methodology? YNAB stands for You Need A Budget, it is a methodology for handling your money. This methodology focused on the personal budget rather than the account balance. Do you know that there is actually a software for this method? You heard me right. This software is built to help users follow four simple rules like stop living paycheck to paycheck, give every dollar a job, save for rainy days and roll with the punches. The YNAB software is flexible, it is either as a spreadsheet or standalone application. One of the benefits of getting this budget software is you can import your bank transactions without having to share your private bank information. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now today and you will get the book for free!

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