Friday, November 14, 2008

Wondah Woman Award

I got tagged from TeCecile...Thanks a lot te for including me on your list. When I saw this award I thought it looks funny...hehhe..I love it! It really looks cool...:)

Being a mother and a wife for me is an endless career (in my opinion). There is no any other job that can do better than being a mom and a wife. I am a multi-task homemaker. I take care of our daughter, I do household errands like cooking and cleaning, love gardening, take care of my husband, I go to school, and I do a sideline job...called blogging..hahhaha! How wondah woman is that? Where else can a husband find a wondah woman like me? heheh....:) Anyhow, thanks again teCecile for brighten my day!
I am passing this award to the wondah woman I know. Rose, Umma, TLou, TMerlyn, Tweng, Ria, Grace, Ruth, and you..just feel free to grab this award peeps!


faye said...

hi demz kala ko naligaw na naman ako nag sesendan ng message hehehe
ganda ng bahay mo ha!!keep it up girls cool lay out here
dropped u ec---

Cecile said...

that's what i called wonder woman :-) so busy and yet have time to go to school and do blogging :-)

^^ said...

Wow, you are a wonder woman.. *Hands Down* :)