Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Rose From Hubby!

When hubby came home yesterday he surprised me with one rose, usually a boquet of flowers! Is this peace offering or what? Once a month hubby surprises me with flowers (no exact day/date) I thought that, it is romantic and sweet. I always love to recieve flowers from him. Yesterday was a little bit different....hehehe. Well what happened was, we had a minor fight the other day. Sometimes we have crisis at home, and that is normal right? I mean crisis like this when it comes to marriage is natural. We're like those typical couple who have issues in thier marriage, and we always make sure that we work things out. What matters the most is, we know that we love each other and we will find way to make things better. Hubby knows how much I love him. Thanks honey and I love you. :) Thanks for the rose.


Cecile said...

you are right, no couple has perfect marriage, everyone is not perfect either; so it is normal to have fight every once in a while.

your hubby is sweet :-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

wow naman lalanggamin kayo nya lol..

Love the new look of you page!

Have an award for you..

merlyn said...

how sweet naman nakakainggit hehehehe.