Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Operation: Thanksgiving Day Prep!

In two more days it will be Thanksgiving day. Where are you guys going? I mean where are you going to celebrate the turkey dinner? This year will be my 4th year celebrating the Thanksgiving day here in America. Every time we celebrate the Thanksgiving we always go to hubby's family and I always bring dishes or Filipino dish for potluck. This year is quite different because we are going to host the Thanksgiving day in our house. Wheww! big deal? For me it is a big deal. I have been busy preparing and decorating for 2 days now, and I did not accomplish everything yet. Oh geez! We did set up the tables and chairs in the garage last night. I decided to transformed the garage as a dining area, because we can't accommodate 40+ people inside our house. Yep! 40 plus people is a lot. That's how big my hubby's family...believe me it will be loud and crowded. I am very anxious right now because I will be the one to cook the turkey for the very first time. I am nervous if I get mess up or something. Anyhow, just sharing you how busy my mind right now.


  1. 40 people, that's a lot dhemz, good luck!

    i know you can do it!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Enjoy the meal and the fellowship with your hubby's relatives :-)

  2. That's quite a tremendous task! Hope you can impress your in-laws. I believe, kaya mo yan, Dhemz!

    And thanks for the good wishes!


  3. wow 40 people cguro pag ako dko alam dami OMG i can't stand cguro haha anyway you go girl yakang yaka mo yan

  4. WHOA... ur hubby's family is just like my hubby.. they have a big family too.. we get together during Thanksgiving, and New Year bec Xmas is for respective family.

    Good Luck sistahh.. Im sure u will be flat tired after that hahaha..but with full stomach though hehehe

  5. sharing with your agony haha, dunno what to expect din tomorrow wahhhhhh.... goodluck to both of us sistah, and happy thanksgiving!

  6. wow
    talagang big celebrations ang thanks giving day--sorry demz wala nyan dito.

  7. Good luck you can do it...Anyway i got a tag for you...http://mommyko.com/2008/11/fantastic-four-meme.html

  8. Hi Dhemz

    Happy thanks giving for tomorrow.

    Enjoy the crowd... God bless

  9. hm....we in Indonesia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, as you knew...but i do hope you are happy at that day, and everything's just going well...take care


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