Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Parent's 28th Wedding Anniversary!

Yesterday was my parent's 28th year wedding anniverssary. Wow! I can't believe that they have been married for that long...heheh..:) I have no words to express how blissful I am to have such a wonderful parents like them. Thank you Mama and Papa for providing me all the stuff in life, the unconditional love that you evenly provide for us, the better education, and the moral values that you engrave in my heart and in my mind. Thanks a lot for everything! And thanks for sending us numerous packages, I could not ask anything more from you guys. You are the best parents in the world! Wishing you good health and many more years of happiness to come. Happy Anniversary!


  1. you are such a lucky woman!

    happy anniversary to your parents, belated :-)

    dropped my ec here :-)

  2. Happ Anniv to Moms & Pops.. Indeed you got a great and loving daughter in Dhemz.

    Hey sistah.. 28th Anniversary? so it means you are only 27. hahaha just pulling your feet...

  3. Wow, my hubby and I were married just one day ahead of your mom and dad. We did celebrate last Saturday.

    Happy Anniversary to them!


  4. happy anniversary mom and pap.... Tank you for producing dhemz, she's a great friend!

  5. Happy anniversary sa imo parents Dhemz. best wishes to them.

  6. Happy anniversarry to your parents dhemz inggit ako kc la na ako nanay eh hehe she pass away na when i was 6 years old sad to say tatay nalang pero ok lang thanks god na rin..

  7. just wanna say happy anniversary for your parent :D

  8. happy anniversary to your parents. regard. seno.

  9. Happy anniversary to your parents dems...

  10. happy anniversarry sa parents mo demz!
    sana sumobra pa tayo sa 28 yrs.hehehe..
    drop ec na rin dito
    SALAMAT po
    MAGNA KA SA EC DROPPER KO ..believe!!!!

  11. Congratulations to ur parents! N good day to you!

  12. belated happy 28th anniversary to your parents sis. my parents are married for 26 years. Isn't that crazy! we value our vows to our love ones, that how we do it in the Philippines. I'm hoping my hubby and I last that long or longer :)

  13. wow, dami ko nang nadaanang celebrations ah, pati dito meron din :-)

    happy wedding anniversary to your parents,Dhemz... Such another life's achievement to be grateful about!

    best wishes...

  14. Happy Anniversary to your parents! :-)


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