Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kmart's Lay-Away Program

Paging all shoppers! Do you know about Kmart's Lay-Away Program? Yes, a lay-away program! Isn't that cool? I think that a lay-away program is a great idea especially this coming holiday season. It will enable you to reserve those hot deals. With this lay-a-way program, you can make payments overtime and not have to pay for the item all at once. This allows you to not have to put it on your credit card and pay those high interest rates. You can pay over time and pick the item up before Christmas. This program makes it easy for everybody to make the holiday special. They have amazing quality products such as the Weber grill Summit E620. This is a great grill that my family and I are thinking of purchasing for Christmas. It is a natural gas grill that has an individual burner ignition system and stainless steel rod cooking grates. If you purchase an item like this, you can put it on Kmart Lay-Away and pay it off in 8 weeks. Just think of the interest you will save without putting these items on your credit card. So what are you waiting for? You should check them out now.

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