Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Brain is Twisted :)

I was bumped out yesterday because I don't get any opportunity...heheh...:) I usually get 1 or 3 opportunity from PPP once a day, but yesterday I didn't get any. Well, that is fine for me. On the other hand, Socialspark is having plenty of affiliates that I don't even know how it works. I mean I tried it a couple of times, and after that I stop taking them. Does anybody know how does affiliates work? Did anybody get paid from taking them? I'm just curious.
Anyhow, I am glad that I bounce back today. Thanks to all my advertisers.


  1. hello mrs dindin twisty hehehe...

    affiliate opps works this way, once may nagclick sau and bumili dun sa site, saka ka lang nila babayaran.. that's why di na ako kumukuha kasi sayang lang time... but malay mo din may bumili diba. Yan ang bagong tactic ng advertiser that way di na sila nagbabayad sa blogger, yung revenue na mismo ang pambayad.. smart idea though, kaso ayoko nun lol... luvya sis!

  2. hey, i think u changed yr outlook ..
    last nite i tried changing my template and my whole list of bloggers has gone missing.. so sorry.. pls bear with me.. i will do it again tonite and add u once again..
    on SS affliates, i think it is like this.. we advertise and when someone bought or register that product, we will be paid..otherwise, it will be just advertising for them Free..

  3. I didn't take any affiliates from SS bec I don't know how it works either sis.

  4. hi demz..sorry dont have idea about ss..daan lng po ako--


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