Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Night!

Ok guys, it is time for me to hit the hay! I need to go to sleep now. I have a great day today. We just got our new folding table set that we ordered online. It's just a simple table set for our kitchen, I thought we needed one that's why I bought one. Another remembrance from blogging! :) Ok, goodnight everyone!

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carenmeman said...

Hi there thanks for visiting! I do agree that Age is indeed an issue of mind over matter! And it's hilarious how you put it as not minding as it does not matter! I am not that young but in my heart I don't feel old I dress the same way I dress back in College which was in shirt and jeans or simple blouse and jeans not anything cutsie. I still walk the same I walk back when. And I just love being me sometimes just get bothered about the numbers but again age is just a number! Have a good day!