Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chinese food for Dindin!

How is your Saturday folks? Well, our Saturday is not that exciting!heehhe...:) Hubby went to the mall and took Akesha with him. He went to get his spec fixed because Akesha broke it the other night. I was at home studying for my online class. When they got home we went outside to play badminton for a little bit. Since it's weekend I did not cook for dinner. So, hubby went to the Chinese place to get some of our dindin. I have seafood vegetables and he had lemon chicken. I was planning on getting calamari but then he messed up my order, and brought me a seafood vegetable (shrimp,fish,squid,and scallops). Well, my choice is to eat it! Infairness it's not that bad! hehhe...:)


  1. Hmmm.. feeling hungry now..haha

  2. pareho tayo, di rin ako nagluto, kumain kami sa chinese reataurant tapos namili sa saian store :-)

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  4. Hmmmmmnnn making me drool hahaha.. I always order that chicken with lemon back in west virginia..

  5. Hello Mrs. Dindin, i just took a break from work and sneeking out to bloghop a little hehehe..

    wow, looookkks soooo good! Miss ko na chinese food hehehe..

    Love the serving tray (the small one) sooo cute!

    Alrighty sisterette, goota go back..

  6. looks yummy. Im hungry not have breakfast yet, still in bed blogging.
    sarap ng food mo hahay.
    happy sunday

  7. He hey hey... please give me this spicy food... I like a spicy food.

  8. Hi Dhemz, wow lamia nan uy!! gigutom noon ko da...yumyum..giunsa man n nimo pagluto Dhemz?

  9. dah oy...gutom na noon ko...undang sa ko sa ko.

    i added you too in the blog i follow and in my blog roll, apila sad tawon ko sa imo bloglist gwapa beh..hangyo ko gamay...hahaha..

    bitaw, check my latest entry, i took many pictures but, that is only part of it...see yah

  10. here again, dear :-) how was the weekends :-)


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