Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Mom Award!

Thanks sis Ria for this award. This will go directly to my collections! Much Appreciated sis! Now, it is my turn to give this award to the Pretty Mommies I know:
Rose, TWeng, TCecille, Umma, TRachel, TMerlyn, Ruth, Grace and PinayMama.


  1. u deserved to have this award, have a nice day demz!

  2. oiiiii di ko to alam ah, hahah thanks sistah.. will grab this right now yippppeee...

  3. hey sistah. need to know how to copy the pic hehehe.. thanks!

  4. Kuha ko na sis, salamat!

    i dropped ec nga pala, pls tell me if it register, kasi diba nadisable yung dropping ko

  5. dhemz, thanks for the tag:-) sure appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness, will grab it later. have a nice day and dropped my bobm here :-)


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