Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's for Dinner Honey?!

I did some gardening today and plants some flowers. I was exhausted digging the soil and my hands hurts. I need more flowers to plant to the other side of the garden. I just realized that gardening is a lot of work though I enjoy doing it. I am persistent to make it look attractive and inviting. I need to do some improvements before I invite people to come over in our house.
After I finished gardening I cook dinner while our little one sleeping. I made a baked salmon. We eat salmon 4 times a week. I believed that salmon is good for your heart specially that Greg has high cholesterol and hypertension. Well, my hubby always ask every time he come home
"honey what's for dindin? " Sounds funny to you? :) hahaha...! So, here's what we have for dindin folks! Chow!!!


ckulit said...

sarap naman nyan.. I love gardening too! I will never get tired of doing it hehehe..

Somebody told me pala na pag may auto play music ka sa site mo, your ec will be disablled.. bawal daw yun sa policy ng ec.. ewan ko lang but i removed my music already!

ckulit said...

Hi demz, ewan ko ba naman sa 3ps hehehe.. but i think the main reason why they cut me off is because of the political issue i have posted weeks ago.. bawal pala yun... oh well, blog must go on hehehe... 2 months pa lang ako sa 3ps kasi katapusan ng july ako nagumpisa sa knila, tuwa na nga sana ako dahil nagdagdag na yung tacks ko and an advertiser voted for me but unfortunately wala agad hayyyy.. Goodluck sayo, siguro you will survive the audit kasi ala ka namang post about politics..

Oiiiissst may PR ka na baga! Congrats!