Monday, September 29, 2008

Mellow Sunday!

We went to my church this morning (catholic church) and we're a little bit off late. When we got there the place was filled already. That was hard for Greg to stand up while he carried Akesha. Finally we found a chair. Thank God!
The good thing is that the church is close from our new place now, we don't need to drive that far to find for a catholic church. Every time we go to a catholic church it always happens that the priest is a Filipino. How interesting. Well, I noticed that most of the mass goers were Filipino too. I am now surrounded with the Filipino community (I think!). Most of them aren't that friendly (I don't know!) ....hehehhe :)
After the church we headed back home and took a little bit of nap. We did not go anywhere today because it was too hot outside and we just hang out at home. Greg was busy updating his blogs while I'm preparing for dindin. Akesha was playing outside with buddy. And It was just a mellow day for us today :) never get any opportunity or something! hehehe...:)
We just had back ribs for dindin!hehehhe...:)


Marvz World said...

wow... it looks yummy.... :D

ckulit said...

sarrrrrrrrraaappppp naman, pinge hahahaha!