Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Akesha Lourice @ 2 & 1/2

I never noticed how time drastically change. Our daughter Akesha just turned two and a half this month. Wow, how amazing! The changes and improvements that she have made is awesome. I can't imagine when she was born 3 weeks premature, and now she's a hands full. She is a character, she is loud like her father, she is funny and witty. She speak few words and learning more filipino language. She and her father sometimes don't get along because she speak tagalog. hahahhaha! Greg will always call me and ask my help to translate what his daughter is saying. Well, he wants me to teach Akesha to speak my language in the first place. And now, Greg is learning some common tagalog words, so Akesha and him will understand each other.hahhahah!
Few more years Akesha will be in the preschool. Oh my goodness! I'm gonna miss my baby for sure.


  1. she's cute.. keep an eye on her ate.. hihihi...i wonder how loud she laugh and cry...

  2. Ay,ka nindot ug posing. Shiela turned 2 on New Year.Prehas prehas ra diay edad.Yeah,time flies really fast,it's hard to notice when we are busy looking after them,hehe.


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