Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Page Rank

When I woke up this morning I went straight off to open my laptop, and to see if there is any opportunities available for me. Unfortunately there is no available opportunity from PPP and SS. So, I checked my email and I saw Rose's reply. She said "Oiiiissst may PR ka na baga! Congrats!" and I was shocked becuase I don't know my google pagerank yet. My blood rises and the excitement was overwhelming! I rushed off directly to my blog and check out the SEO stat, but still on zero. I checked the and put my link there and the result? Well, the result was I'm on page rank 2! This is unbelievable. I never expect that to happen,and I never thought about it. I mean in just a short period of time (2 months). I kept refreshing it over and over again to see if it's mine or not. I started with my Alexa rank from 14 million and now it goes down to 600's thousand. I was ecstatic to see the difference.
I am very thankful to all my fellow bloggers who always been my regular visitors. I owe this rank from all of you guys. My networking and blogwalking pays off! Thanks Rose for the buzz.

P.S You might need to check this link to know more about pagerank.


  1. Congratz to u dhemz.. I wish I can get pagerank too… (~_^)v

  2. Yipppppeee, let's celebrate hehehe! This means more oppppssss for you.. not anymore for me unfortunately hehehe..

    bout the ss opps, siguro adjust mo yung size ng video.. liitan mo na lang para di madisarrange yung post mo.. that's what i did kasi medyo malaki yung size ng vids..

  3. hello there, I think if you guys will visit me a lot.. I will be ranked too.. just kidding, that wish is too far from reality hehe.. added you in my list already and thanks for the add!

  4. wowowo congrats,,,
    you almost on top of the blogworld!
    go go go girls...

  5. congrats demz, you deserved it. God bless.


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