Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sacramento is the biggest diversity in the States. Do you know that 60% of the population are Hispanic, African- American,and Asian? Yep! I can tell that most people live here aren't white. hehehhe...:)
This year we celebrated the 1st Annual
Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival. Since Greg's company is the premier sponsor of the event, we volunteered to work on his company's booth last Sunday. I love to do volunteer work ever since. I enjoyed talking with people and interact with them. I like to participate in this kind of activity. I think this is my 4th time working as a volunteer here in Sacramento. I used to work in the treasury department (Local Government Unit) and as a cashier of our family business, so I'm used to deal with people every single day. I'm not saying that I am good in public speaking, I just know how to communicate with people. hehehe...:) My husband always compliment me every time we work as a volunteer...he kept telling "you've done a great job honey!" Well, it's good to hear that my husband is proud of me! That will boost up more of my self-esteem! :)


ckulit said...

Love all the pics, gorgeous!

merlyn said...

nice pics, and your husband is right you've done a good job, God bless.