Thursday, August 14, 2008

TFC is in the HOUSE!

Hep! Hep!..hep! Hep!...Hurray! Thank God!

I feel great tonight because now I can start watching some of the Filipino shows or soap opera on television. I've been longing to subscribe the TFC ever since I got here. The thing is we used dish network before, and they don't offer the TFC. They have other Filipino channel though.

After 3 years of waiting...finally! It's now right in front of me. My husband was teasing me awhile ago while watching the soap opera (funny!). When he heard the Wowwowee, he told me "oh honey, I thought I was in the PI!"....I told him "nay quit teasing me mister!" :)

If we did not move and change to comcast cable network, I won't be able to watch the TFC channel. Thanks to my loving husband. It's out from our budget range but it's worth it. I will be able to see the latest news in the Philippines which is pretty awesome. Now, I don't feel left behind from others! :)

I want to have the TFC for my daughter. We want her to know some of the Filipino culture and learn the language and its values. It is important for her to know how life living there, and we hope that she will appreciate the things that she have when she grow up.

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Nancy said...

Wow..this sounds so great, Dhemz...I'm doing my rounds here.You surely have a relaxing weekend with your new TFC subscription..Have fun!!